We are taking part in the production of the first feature film about Dražen Petrović


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Who are we?

For a long time, we have entertained you as 2i Film, showing Disney movies all over the Balkan region, and now we are embarking on our new film adventure. The team of „Jučer” (eng. "Yesterday") was most definitely not born yesterday – we have been enjoying filling up cinemas for more than 25 years, and now we have combined our knowledge and experience with new ideas from the business world of film.

In partnership with MPLC we are expanding our distribution beyond cinemas, we have decided to take more serious steps into film production, and with friends from Turkey we have developed a top-notch system for safe ticket sales and simpler cinema business.

Our favorite part of our job is helping film companies that are coming to our region with almost anything. We enter projects together, connect you with the right partners, help you understand the legal framework, find the required equipment and locations… really anything you might need.

Film distribution

We can confidently say that in film distribution we've done it all: from working with small independent companies and large regional producers to partnering with Disney, the largest film studio in the world.

There is almost no place where we have not placed content! Cinemas, television, movie channels, VODs and many other platforms have hosted our movies, whether they were timeless classics or student film debuts.

A novelty is a collaboration with Motion Picture Licensing Corporation, which gave us a chance to enter the sphere of public exhibition (when a movie or show intended for personal, private use is shown to the public).

Movie production

Movie production has been our passion since the beginning. So far, we have kept that love secret and shy, occasionally helping producers with some advice and support in various occasions and mishaps.

We also took part in the filming of the first movie with star Youtubers of our region, in which we gathered Baka Prase, Veronika Rosandić, Vid Juračić, Kaya Solo, Tony TCTN, Nika Iličić, Fran Laus and Meca. We must admit that it was a super fun experience and inspiration for us to go a step further.

We finally decided that the time has come to commit ourselves more seriously into production and we are excited to be able to embark on a project that allows us to combine our two passions - movies and basketball! We are making the first feature movie about Dražen Petrović with the friends from the Kinoteka, and we also have a lot of other interesting projects lined up.

Cinema business

We have always been "freaks" for new technologies, especially those that can make our daily tasks easier. That is why, together with friends from Biletinial, we are developing modern software solutions with an aim to simplify your cinema business, and at the same time provide your users with the most comfortable film experience.

BiletiniAI is a single, complete solution that can take your entire business to a higher (read: easier) level. It includes innovative solutions for booking and selling tickets, snacks and drinks, getting to know your customers better through loyalty programs, developing websites, mobile applications and security systems, easier cooperation with partners, live monitoring of all important items and much more.

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Clients, partners, and friends

With whom we have created some of our favorite stories which we might even record one day.

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